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Gardens and Walkways in the University of Chicago’s Main Quad

Posted on by Alison Strickler

Last week we received the great news that our work at the University of Chicago will be given a Design Excellence Award by the Society of College and University Planners… Read More >

Realigned: How to ‘Move’ Architecture with Landscape Design

Posted on by Rick Reineke

  Historic campus quads require careful and often subtle design responses to balance heritage with contemporary demands. Earlier this fall, we completed a careful landscape ‘edit’ to the University of… Read More >

News: Bradley University Campus Landscape Creates New Campus Quad

Posted on by Brett Weidl

  We are pleased to announce the opening of another completed project: The Bradley University Alumni Quadrangle, a new, 3-acre campus Quad situated among several recreation facilities on campus. The… Read More >

Survey: What was your favorite place to spend time on your college campus?

Posted on by Morgan Caputo

  Not long ago, we attended an event at the Society of College and University Planners that asked this question. The results surprised people in the room and we’d like… Read More >

What’s Out There Weekend: Celebrating Chicago’s Landscape Heritage

Posted on by Peter Schaudt

  Landscape architecture is by nature, ephemeral. As designers we plan for this, designing for the moment of installation as well as for the changes that will occur as living… Read More >

Sustainability in the Landscape: Traditional Design and Green Solutions

Posted on by Jon Brooke

  As I looked through my issues of Green Source and other green-oriented publications last week, I kept thinking, “where is the traditional architecture?” Given the content of most green… Read More >