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Designing an Urban Garden for Kids

Posted on by Jeff Mis

  It’s no secret that as Landscape Architects we are always looking for new ways to engage people in landscapes.  Many of the projects we do focus on getting people… Read More >

Civic Landscapes: Places for People

Posted on by Alison Strickler

  Last week, the city of Toronto mourned the death of a prominent and beloved political figure, Jack Layton.  The expression of that sorrow transformed Nathan Phillips Square, the vast,… Read More >

What is landscape architecture, exactly?

Posted on by Alison Strickler

  That’s by far the question that landscape architects get most often when they say what they do. In an effort to raise public awareness about landscape architecture, Brett Weidl,… Read More >

Green City Market: Blending A Park and a Farmer’s Market

Posted on by Tiffany Danielle

  Chicago’s Green City Market, located at the south end of Lincoln Park just steps from the zoo, brings local, sustainably grown food to city residents every Wednesday and Saturday… Read More >

Michigan Avenue: The Garden In the Street is Blooming

Posted on by Morgan Caputo

  As you may know, each year the staff at Hoerr Schaudt straps on our construction vests and heads off to Michigan Avenue to layout the summer annual installations we… Read More >

What’s Out There Weekend: Celebrating Chicago’s Landscape Heritage

Posted on by Peter Schaudt

  Landscape architecture is by nature, ephemeral. As designers we plan for this, designing for the moment of installation as well as for the changes that will occur as living… Read More >

Michigan Avenue: Chicago’s Most Famous Streetscape

Posted on by David Gianneschi

  Believe it or not, we’re already well into one of the major events of our summer: planting the 2.3 miles of medians on Michigan Avenue, one of Chicago’s most… Read More >