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Tips for Designing a Successful Shade Garden

Posted on by Hoerr Schaudt

Ever been flummoxed by the challenges of planting design for an area that has a lot of shade?  Doug Hoerr highlights six guidelines for good shade garden design in his… Read More >

Rooftop Garden Design: Tips for Creating Your Own

Posted on by Alison Strickler

When spring is in the air your underutilized real estate atop a garage suddenly looks like a great place for a rooftop garden.  Rooftop terraces can be so much –… Read More >

Roof Garden Design: Tips for Terrace Walls and Fences

Posted on by Alison Strickler

This month’s issue of Garden Design Magazine includes a great article on roof garden design that features a wide variety of design styles from across the country. One section of… Read More >

When Designing Planters, Remember the Plants

Posted on by Alison Strickler

  Every now and then in our travels we get a kick out of finding design solutions that are at the opposite pole of how we approach something. So as… Read More >

Tips from The Organic Gardner

Posted on by Mike Ciccarelli

  With the passion for vegetable gardening at a nationwide high and the popularity of publications like Organic Gardening Magazine highlighting what can be done without pesticides, we asked Jeanne… Read More >

Notes on Landscape Design: Morningstar’s Green Roof Terrace

Posted on by Simon Prunty

  If you’ve ever shopped in 108 N. State at the corner of Washington and State, chances are you haven’t been aware that a green roof hovers above you about… Read More >

Design Tips: How to Begin a Great Landscape Design

Posted on by Alison Strickler

  A lot of people get frustrated when they bring plants home that were beautiful at the garden center and then try to force them into the place they want… Read More >

Gardens in Winter

Posted on by Alison Strickler

  Here we are in the depths of a cold and windy Chicago winter and now that we’ve melted ourselves out of last month’s blizzard, we’re happily dreaming of spring!… Read More >

Design Tips 101 – Urban Garden

Posted on by Alison Strickler

  A lot of questions we get at lectures have to do with making small spaces feel larger so I thought I’d post about an urban garden that does just… Read More >