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Garden Landscape Details

Posted on by Alison Strickler

Eye-candy time!  A few of my favorite ‘detail’ shots from a variety of projects:     Many of the hardscape details on this project, like this iron fence and concrete… Read More >

Terrarium Landscape Design for Rush University Medical Center Pavilion

Posted on by Alison Strickler

Several weeks ago I posted some images on the theme of inside/outside. The open-air terrarium in the lobby of the newly completed Rush University Medical Center Brennan Entry Pavilion is… Read More >

Gardens and Walkways in the University of Chicago’s Main Quad

Posted on by Alison Strickler

Last week we received the great news that our work at the University of Chicago will be given a Design Excellence Award by the Society of College and University Planners… Read More >

World Food Prize Hall of Laureates Garden Blooms

Posted on by Alison Strickler

It’s Spring in Des Moines, Iowa. Last autumn, Nick Fobes posted a bit on what it took to complete the World Food Prize garden. Last weekend, we sent a photographer… Read More >

A Spring Like No Other on Michigan Avenue

Posted on by Alison Strickler

I know this Spring is different from all other Springs, with five consecutive days at 80 degrees or higher here in Chicago alone, but nothing illustrates this to me quite… Read More >

Urban Garden Design for a Historic Home

Posted on by Alison Strickler

We’re very pleased that the Illinois Chapter of the ASLA will give an honor award next month to the redesigned garden at a historic urban property in Chicago’s Wicker Park… Read More >

Urban Agriculture: The Latest Trend is . . . Ancient

Posted on by Jameson Skaife

It’s not mentioned much, but the hot topic of urban agriculture is not new. It has strong historic roots and has played a major role in cities for a very long… Read More >

A Call to Urban Agriculture

Posted on by Jameson Skaife

  I first became interested in urban agriculture in graduate school when a discussion about how to make cities more ‘sustainable’ turned to the topics of food security and food… Read More >

When Designing Planters, Remember the Plants

Posted on by Alison Strickler

  Every now and then in our travels we get a kick out of finding design solutions that are at the opposite pole of how we approach something. So as… Read More >

Engaging Plants in the Garden

Posted on by Julie Sajtar

  Camp Rosemary is a garden designed in the 1920s by Rose Standish Nichols.  On a tour of the garden this summer, I took time to reflect on the formal… Read More >

News: World Food Prize Foundation Garden Opens to Public

Posted on by Nick Fobes

  News: World Food Prize Foundation Garden Opens to Public   This weekend, the World Food Prize Foundation opens the doors of the Dr. Norman E. Borlaug Hall of Laureates… Read More >

Through the Eyes of a Landscape Architect: Seattle’s Best

Posted on by Brett Weidl

    Over time, I’ve gradually learned to perfect my summer travels – meaning A LOT of walking, experiencing a city to the fullest by compiling a list of the… Read More >

At GreenBuild: Landscapes that Promote Health and Well-Being

Posted on by Alison Strickler

  Hoerr Schaudt partner Peter Schaudt will be at the GreenBuild conference in Toronto next week for a lively panel discussion with Zolna Russell, Director of Sustainability at Hord Coplan… Read More >

Vertical Greening in Cities: Patrick Blanc Lectures in Chicago

Posted on by Erich Sprague

  The renowned botanist and designer Patrick Blanc’s work seemingly defies logic; entire gardens grow vertically without soil, and stand out dramatically against the traditional facades of the city. Blanc… Read More >

Tips from The Organic Gardner

Posted on by Mike Ciccarelli

  With the passion for vegetable gardening at a nationwide high and the popularity of publications like Organic Gardening Magazine highlighting what can be done without pesticides, we asked Jeanne… Read More >

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