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Hoerr Schaudt Celebrates 20 Years of Michigan Avenue Medians!

Posted on by Hoerr Schaudt

Our favorite piece of urban infrastructure, the Michigan Avenue Medians, turns 20 this month! Over two decades, Hoerr Schaudt has designed nearly 60 seasonal planting rotations and conducted layouts for… Read More >

Chicago Landscapes in Autumn

Posted on by Alison Strickler

Chicago’s civic landscapes attract people from all over the country. One of our landscape architects was out and about recently and took photos of how autumn was expressed this year… Read More >

Tulip Mania

Posted on by Becky Hoerr

Chicagoans know better than to rely on the proclamations of groundhogs. Each year it is the tulips on the Magnificent Mile that announce to a winter-worn city that spring in… Read More >

A Spring Like No Other on Michigan Avenue

Posted on by Alison Strickler

I know this Spring is different from all other Springs, with five consecutive days at 80 degrees or higher here in Chicago alone, but nothing illustrates this to me quite… Read More >

What Makes a Great Urban Street?

Posted on by Morgan Caputo

  We recently had the opportunity to think about what makes a streetscape feel or be urban. As part of the exercise, several people from our office collected images of… Read More >

Michigan Avenue Medians: Decepticon-proof

Posted on by Alison Strickler

  If you can sit through it, you’ll get some great views of the Michigan Avenue planters during the final fight scene of the movie at the end of Transformers… Read More >

Michigan Avenue: The Garden In the Street is Blooming

Posted on by Morgan Caputo

  As you may know, each year the staff at Hoerr Schaudt straps on our construction vests and heads off to Michigan Avenue to layout the summer annual installations we… Read More >

Michigan Avenue: Tulips on the Magnificent Mile

Posted on by David Gianneschi

  THEY’RE HERE! Enough said – it was a long wait this year for spring in Chicago. The tulips on Michigan Avenue are designed to be vivid swaths of color… Read More >

Michigan Avenue: Streetscape Growing

Posted on by David Gianneschi

  If you’ve looked quickly, you don’t see much at the moment in the Magnificent Mile’s medians. The sod that protects the planting beds through the winter is off and… Read More >

Michigan Avenue: Chicago’s Most Famous Streetscape

Posted on by David Gianneschi

  Believe it or not, we’re already well into one of the major events of our summer: planting the 2.3 miles of medians on Michigan Avenue, one of Chicago’s most… Read More >