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Inspired by Travel: Chinese Scholars’ Gardens

Posted on by Rob Gray

  Peter Schaudt and I recently returned from a trip to China where we are in the beginning stages of a project outside of the city of Ningbo. While on… Read More >

Tips from The Organic Gardner

Posted on by Mike Ciccarelli

  With the passion for vegetable gardening at a nationwide high and the popularity of publications like Organic Gardening Magazine highlighting what can be done without pesticides, we asked Jeanne… Read More >

Design Tips: How to Begin a Great Landscape Design

Posted on by Alison Strickler

  A lot of people get frustrated when they bring plants home that were beautiful at the garden center and then try to force them into the place they want… Read More >

Vintage Fare: Finding Treasures at the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Antiques and Garden Fair

Posted on by Tiffany Danielle

  I always look forward to the Chicago Botanic Garden’s annual Antiques and Garden Fair. Each spring vendors, aficionados and exhibitors bring thousands of unique classical and contemporary garden furnishings… Read More >

Tree Expeditions: Finding a Diamond in the Rough

Posted on by John Evans

  An important part of what we do that makes us distinct from other landscape architects is the attention we give to finding just the right tree or shrub for… Read More >

Inspired by Travel: Outdoor Rooms in San Juan

Posted on by Steve Gierke

  My travels abroad are typically spent searching out parks and gardens. I love learning about local plant culture and photographing my finds. My recent trip to San Juan Puerto… Read More >

Gardens in Winter

Posted on by Alison Strickler

  Here we are in the depths of a cold and windy Chicago winter and now that we’ve melted ourselves out of last month’s blizzard, we’re happily dreaming of spring!… Read More >

Design Tips 101 – Urban Garden

Posted on by Alison Strickler

  A lot of questions we get at lectures have to do with making small spaces feel larger so I thought I’d post about an urban garden that does just… Read More >

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