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Snow Day

Posted on by Hoerr Schaudt

  SNOW.  Is anyone else delighted and irritated by how it transforms your experience of the city? To celebrate what I just can’t change, here are a few ideas that… Read More >

Landscape Planting Design for Four Seasons

Posted on by Hoerr Schaudt

One view, four seasons. The proper planting design will make your garden look richer and richer through every season. Photography Credit: Steve Gierke

Flowers in February

Posted on by Becky Hoerr

February is the worst. No, I take that back. February in Chicago, now that’s the worst. It’s cold. The sparkle of the holidays has worn off. It’s cold. The fluffy,… Read More >

Hoerr Schaudt is Hiring!

Posted on by Alison Strickler

We are an exceptional team of talented professionals working on complex, exciting, and rewarding projects. We collaborate with the best architecture firms in the country and offer the opportunity to… Read More >

A Hoerr Schaudt Holiday

Posted on by Becky Hoerr

This is my first holiday season as a member of the Hoerr Schaudt team. As excited as I was on my first day, I’ll never forget how intimidated I was… Read More >

We Got the Beat!

Posted on by Becky Hoerr

We thought we would mix it up this week–the Hoerr Schaudt office came up with a playlist of some of our favorite tunes. Can you spot the theme? Pretend you… Read More >

Optical Illusions and Landscape as Art

Posted on by Brett Weidl

During a recent trip to Houston, TX Jon Brooke and I were lucky enough to visit the newest art installation by James Turrell that recently opened at Rice University called:… Read More >

Guerrilla Gardening Attacks Chicago

Posted on by Liz Barr

Every year, thousands of people stir up chaos, vandalize cities and promote full on anarchy without consequence. The majority of the public is unaware that this urban revolution is even… Read More >

The Future of Chicago Hangs in the Balance…

Posted on by Liz Barr

“What might this city become?” – Previous generations have answered this question with revolutionary innovations such as skyscrapers, massive infrastructural undertakings and the redefinition of how people and goods move… Read More >