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A Hoerr Schaudter Shout-Out

Posted on by Alison Strickler

We’re thrilled to announce that our resident urban agriculture guru, Jameson Skaife, has won a 2012 National Urban Design Award from Architecture Canada in the Student Project category. The award… Read More >

Urban Agriculture: Concerns and Larger Considerations

Posted on by Jameson Skaife

Urban agriculture is generally painted with one of two brushes. It is either the most amazing thing that will save the world or it is a health risk that is… Read More >

The Many Flavors of Urban Farming

Posted on by Jameson Skaife

The practice of urban agriculture is incredibly variable. There are a tremendous number of  current technologies and systems for developing urban agriculture on both large and small scales, and on… Read More >

Urban Agriculture: The Latest Trend is . . . Ancient

Posted on by Jameson Skaife

It’s not mentioned much, but the hot topic of urban agriculture is not new. It has strong historic roots and has played a major role in cities for a very long… Read More >

A Call to Urban Agriculture

Posted on by Jameson Skaife

  I first became interested in urban agriculture in graduate school when a discussion about how to make cities more ‘sustainable’ turned to the topics of food security and food… Read More >

Holiday Reading List: Great Books on Landscape Architecture and Design

Posted on by Alison Strickler

  Stumped on a gift for someone interested in landscape architecture, design, or garden design? Here are some of our faves, for a wide variety of skill levels and interests, ranging… Read More >

Designing an Urban Garden for Kids

Posted on by Jeff Mis

  It’s no secret that as Landscape Architects we are always looking for new ways to engage people in landscapes.  Many of the projects we do focus on getting people… Read More >