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Uptown Normal Wins Smart Growth Achievement Award from U.S. EPA

Posted on by Alison Strickler

  We are very pleased to announce that our firm’s project, Uptown Normal Circle, has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency with a Smart Growth Achievement award, which… Read More >

What is landscape architecture, exactly?

Posted on by Alison Strickler

  That’s by far the question that landscape architects get most often when they say what they do. In an effort to raise public awareness about landscape architecture, Brett Weidl,… Read More >

What Makes a Great Urban Street?

Posted on by Morgan Caputo

  We recently had the opportunity to think about what makes a streetscape feel or be urban. As part of the exercise, several people from our office collected images of… Read More >

Michigan Avenue: Chicago’s Most Famous Streetscape

Posted on by David Gianneschi

  Believe it or not, we’re already well into one of the major events of our summer: planting the 2.3 miles of medians on Michigan Avenue, one of Chicago’s most… Read More >