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Garden Fence – Favorite Landscape Design Detail of the Week

Posted on by Alison Strickler

A beautiful residential landscape we photographed this Spring includes one of my favorite examples of a functional element that is transformed by good design. A fence running along the length of the property is barely visible in some seasons and a highlighted design element in others. In this photo of it in the fall, you can barely see it as it seems to weave in and out of plantings along the two-track.


Here, in the spring, it’s more visible. In the winter, it will be wonderful!




When I asked the project manager for construction administration on the project, Patrick Peterson, about it, he showed me a great trio of photos – they really don’t need much explanation:






One Response to Garden Fence – Favorite Landscape Design Detail of the Week

  1. C. Marshall says:

    This is an excellent example of how to enhance your garden without touching the foliage. Homeowners and designers should take note that you can use the other surroundings, like the fencing above, to really showcase the entire (or just a portion) of the landscaping.

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