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News: Bradley University Campus Landscape Creates New Campus Quad

Posted on by Brett Weidl

We are pleased to announce the opening of another completed project: The Bradley University Alumni Quadrangle, a new, 3-acre campus Quad situated among several recreation facilities on campus. The Quad compliments a new addition to Bradley Hall (The Hayden Clark Alumni Center ) while visually knitting together the contemporary and Gothic architecture in this area of campus.  Views from the terrace of the Alumni Center showcase the transformation of the quad that was officially celebrated by the University on October 15th.


Site of the future Bradley University Alumni Quad


Make way for the quad! The demolition of Haussler Hall.


Quad walks are installed; topsoil is being spread and plant layout begins

Final grading is completed and plant layout continues

Final grading is completed and plant layout continues


Sod is installed and plant layout is completed


The final Bradley University Alumni Quad is complete!

The Alumni Center Terrace acts as a front porch to the newly constructed Hayden Clark Alumni Center facilitating the outflow of large-scale gatherings while serving as the focal point for the entire west Bradley campus. This large paved terrace is oriented around a cast bronze medallion of the Bradley University seal and framed by a granite cobble border.



The Hayden Clark Alumni Center and the West Terrace


The Quad green itself is defined by an allee of Marmo Maple trees along the southern edge and a promenade walk and ornamental planting on the northern edge.  Several specimen Oak and Kentucky Coffee Trees dot the exterior edges of the green space characterizing the iconic Midwestern landscape and the large specimen field trees that accent the plains. Due to the high amount of student use this space is anticipated to receive, the lawn is designed with a porous sand based soil structure and extensive underdrainage system in order to facilitate drainage and prevent wear over time.


An expansive Quad lawn serves to create an inviting space for student recreation.


Ornamental plantings of Ironwood, Redbud, Miscanthus and Hydrangea line the northern edge of the Quad and Promenade walk.


Minimizing the presence of vehicles in the peripheral areas of the Quad was a key goal of the project. Two vehicular turnaround areas are located on the north and south sides of the new Alumni Center but are designed to function primarily as large plazas for pedestrians to walk, rest or meet. The use of pedestrian scale paving materials and level paved surfaces while limiting the use of curbs enables the plaza areas to serve as flexible spaces promoting a variety of uses within the campus. Seatwall-height planters with specimen trees provide seating within the plazas while reducing the scale of the large space required for infrequent vehicular turning.


An 8” caliper specimen Sugar Maple highlights the North Plaza space where students and faculty now take class breaks, enjoy lunchtime and pass through between classes.


One of the most exciting yet unexpected comments Bradley University has received after the opening has centered on the historic Holmes Hall building which now faces the new Quad space. This forgotten campus utilities building used to lay tucked away in what seemed like the back door of the University.  Now, Holmes Hall is showcased in the space and many people are seeing the building in a new light.  Much of this transformation can be attributed to the formal Yew hedge outlining the landscape beds in front of the building and the lush Hawthorn, Hydrangea and Miscanthus plantings that now frame the beautiful facade of the building.


Landscape transformation of Holmes Hall before and after construction.


One Response to News: Bradley University Campus Landscape Creates New Campus Quad

  1. Gerald Ennis says:

    My old ROTC, Military Science and Astronomy building never looked so good. Being on the drill team our Saturday drill field was the old Robertson parking lot next door.
    Jerry Ennis(61)

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