The weather may be turning, but plant layout has just begun on the Old Chicago Post Office rooftop. Earlier this month, the CA team headed out and up to the rooftop, installing the plants that will soon create a neighborhood park on this urban rooftop.

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Photographed by Scott Shigley

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Shawn Weidner checks progress against plans for the site.

7 rooftop walter historicschoolhouse hoerrschaudt

Jeff Reyna, Ann Weiland, Lauren Paul, and Chase Morgan on site at the first plant layout.

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Ann Weiland gives the green light with a green thumb.

When selecting plants for a rooftop in Chicago – a city known for extreme temperatures coupled with whipping winds – picking the right kinds is a master class in resilience. Ann Weiland says the most important thing at this stage is making sure the plants are hardy and tough. “Soil depths aren’t as deep as on ground level, and they get a lot of exposure to the elements,” she says. Water is also crucial, especially at this time of year. “Winter and fall are very dry. We’re also mulching to get an extra layer of protection over the plants.”