Senior Landscape Architect: Kansas City

8+ Years Experience Required

At Hoerr Schaudt, a senior associate is typically a position for landscape architects with a minimum of 8 years’ experience. To become a senior, a candidate or existing team member must be a licensed landscape architect and have received at least a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture. Seniors are often project managers, coordinating a team of landscape architects in the development of site design and ensuring project’s stay on time and within budget.

If you are interested in this position we encourage you to e-mail us your resume and portfolio to


  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in landscape architecture from an accredited university
  • 8+ years of relevant professional experience
  • Licensed landscape architect – does not have to be in Missouri
  • Creative and communicative hand and computer graphic abilities
  • High proficiency with SketchUp, AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite, and Office 365
  • Excellent organizational skills and a strong attention to detail
  • Energetic attitude and ability to work well within a team across multiple offices
  • Expert in written and verbal communication skills, particularly with internal team members and clients

Base competency

  • Teaches and mentors design through constructive critique
  • Advances the HSLA brand through design, promotion, research, and innovation
  • Understands how to gain cooperation and build consensus; can resolve internal and external conflict
  • Responds to conflicting needs with suggested solutions; anticipates needs and plans accordingly
  • Facilitates cross group collaboration; empowers team to solve problems through collaboration
  • Mobilizes others to initiate change
  • Generates insights about the future of the industry
  • Monitors others’ quality of work and provides constructive/useful feedback
  • Organizes time and resources efficiently by entering timesheets daily, expense reports monthly.
  • Project bill reviews are reviewed and submitted no later than 3 -5 days of receipt
  • Firm core values are exhibited and mentored to all staff