Design hoerrschaudt


Design is an aspirational art, constantly evolving to challenge itself and stimulate change in the world around us. We understand the power of design to enhance experiences and use this knowledge to redefine conventional boundaries of style and scale to meet functional challenges posed by site and program.

Our design team is responsible for balancing ambition with logic, beauty with performance, all the while listening closely to the nature of each context — architecture, site, and client. The resulting landscapes are graceful interventions replete with sensory delight and organizational logic.

Siteworks hoerrschaudt


Design without execution is merely a beautiful idea. For a landscape to be successful it must be informed by both an artisanal approach and a focus on craft; taking the conceptual and making it real. Siteworks, our in-house team of implementation-focused landscape architects and horticulturists, orchestrate the construction of our projects from concept to completion and beyond.

Their expertise in landscape construction practices enable them to supervise all elements related to project delivery, including design, budgeting, construction detailing, and site supervision. It is this enhanced attention to detail throughout the process that ensures the success of our work.

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Continued Landscape Management

Gardens are dynamic and change over time. They grow and mature, they go dormant, and awaken, they endure the wear and tear of people and the environment. Much of the artistry of a landscape lay in its evolution; how it is cared for and chooses to grow. We strive to create landscapes that will thrive and stand the test of time but understand that gardens require ongoing care that is informed by the vision of the design.

We take pride in creating spaces with enduring beauty. Through our Continued Landscape Management program, we help our clients by developing maintenance regimens and providing ongoing supervision and design guidance that protects the financial and emotional investment they have made in their landscapes. Our team has a depth of expertise in horticulture and plant curation that is unparalleled in the industry and leverages this knowledge to ensure our landscapes delight in perpetuity.