Every garden design at Hoerr Schaudt is unique—and so are each of their stories. Today we take a deeper look how a modern landscape completed the extensive redesign of this mid-century modern home.

Even before transformation of the interior and exterior began, the home had an enviable, but under-utilized asset: its location right on the bluff of Lake Michigan—and the spectacular views that came along with it. But although there were plenty of windows, the outdoor living space did not make the best of its location and the landscape design didn’t respond to the modern architectural style of the home.

As Doug Hoerr said in a LUXE Magazine piece about the home, “It made more sense to beef up the bluff and move the pool lakeside, even though it was a huge, technically demanding undertaking. But it opened up the entire back of the house to the lake and changed the way it lives.”

Did someone say “technically demanding?”

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Photo Credit: Michael Robinson

Today, a clean stone deck creates an inviting place to appreciate the home’s spectacular setting and extends the home’s living space right up to the edge of the Lake Michigan bluff. Simple and modern landscape design details, like the streamlined cable railing, relate to the styling of the house and serve a practical function: they let you enjoy the view!

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Changes to the front are equally dramatic. Without the pool in the front, the landscape has more room to breathe and enhances the re-faced façade.

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We loved collaborating with Petra Adelfang Design and R. Scott Javore & Associates on the design of this beautiful project. A special thanks to Boilini Company for their fantastic pool installation.

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