My travels abroad are typically spent searching out parks and gardens. I love learning about local plant culture and photographing my finds. My recent trip to San Juan Puerto Rice was no exception, where I got to stay inside a garden at The Gallery Inn.

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Behind the unassuming iron gates of The Gallery Inn is the surprise of lush garden spaces filled with a charming collection of art and history. Plants, sculpture and a family of exotic birds populate the series of outdoor courtyards, balconies and roof top terraces

In some spaces, the dripping and climbing vegetation felt like it could swallow the house. The air was fresh and the temperature cool.

An eclectic mix of mis-matched planters and species offered a fresh and relaxed perspective on the vertical garden.

Time seemed to stand still in the convivial courtyards of the inn, where guests passed their time sunbathing, sharing travel stories and drinking wine throughout the day. It was tempting to imagine elements of these outdoor rooms recreated on the balconies, courtyards and rooftops of my city’s residences.

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