If you’ve looked quickly, you don’t see much at the moment in the Magnificent Mile’s medians. The sod that protects the planting beds through the winter is off and most of what meets the eye is soil. But look closer and you’ll be amazed by the growth of spring right down the middle of the street.

The tulips ARE coming up and depending on where you are along the Avenue you’ll see something different. Sun patterns, the width of the median, and what is beneath the median all affect how quickly those tulips will grow. In areas where tall buildings block a lot of light, like near the Hancock, the tulips grow more slowly than where they can sunbathe, like across from Millennium Park.

The best place to get the first glimpse of the tulips blooming this year? Right in front of the Cultural Center, where the medians are narrow, they get light, and they get an extra boost from sitting on top of a warm n’ toasty parking garage.

Meanwhile, as we mentioned in our earlier post, Michigan Avenue’s summer is already underway. Thousands of plants are growing (at a top secret location) that will fill the medians this summer. We can’t spill the beans on what you’ll see, but here’s a glimpse of what is underway and proof that summer is more than just a dream.

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