THEY’RE HERE! Enough said – it was a long wait this year for spring in Chicago.

The tulips on Michigan Avenue are designed to be vivid swaths of color that herald spring with a ‘bang.’ No pastels – this city needs something bold after its winters! The varieties are also selected to provide consistent blooms throughout the growing season with some opening early, others mid-season, and the late-bloomers finishing the show.

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Tulips In Bloom On Michigan Avenue

This year, the most notable variety in the planting design is the bright pink Tulipa ‘Maggie Daley.’ For those of you not from Chicago, it’s named for our city’s first lady and is particularly poignant this year as the Daley era comes to an end.

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Wondering what happens to all the bulbs after they’re done? Check out TulipMania, sponsored by the Chicago Park District, the mega give-away of tulip bulbs from around the city’s streetscapes.

To see the evolution of the tulips as they grew this year, check out the rest of the posts in my growing series on Michigan Avenue.

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