June 28, 2024 - Carroll was recently featured in Vistage's magazine, Perspectives, where she detailed the success of our executive team in growing the business and bringing forth a plan for Hoerr Schaudt future.

Check out the article here: https://perspectives.vistage.com/summer-2024/making-an-impression-summer-2024/ 

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"Collaboration and execution are how we create landscapes and a business that stands the test of time," says Conway.

Under Conway's leadership, Hoerr Schaudt has hired over 30 new employees, selected the executive team and enrolled its next tier of managers in Vistage Leadership Development Programs. Conway also implemented the EOS operating platform at the suggestion of her Vistage peers. Since making changes, revenue has bloomed from $9 million to more than $17 million in two years and is expected to exceed $20 million in 2024.

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