May 10, 2024 - Thank you to everyone who came to our tour of our new Chicago headquarters and four nearby projects. We had the loveliest day hosting The Cultural Landscape Foundation for a tour around Chicago, exploring our firm’s history in shaping the city through four illustrious landscapes. Starting off at our new office, our guests were guided through three residential properties before finishing off the day at the nation’s largest rooftop garden, The Meadow at the Old Chicago Post Office. 

Special congratulations to Hoerr Schaudt’s president and partner, Carroll Conway, the newest board member of The Cultural Landscape Foundation, who organized this tour.


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TCLF’s Spring 2024 excursion explored the firm’s diverse and significant work around Chicago. From jewel-box meticulously crafted vest pocket private gardens to soaring expansive roof gardens like the award-winning meadow atop the Old Post Office, the firm’s impact on the city continues to expand the scope of the landscape architect in shaping the city. 


The homebase for this excursion was Hoerr Schaudt's inspiring new studio space where guests enjoyed coffee and some breakfast bites. Following brief remarks and a studio tour, the group proceeded to three private residential projects in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. 

Beginning with the legacy of Italianate architecture in the city, which had its heyday in the 1860s to 1890s in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood, the group arrived at one of our restored Italianate residences. Encountering a series of thematic garden rooms, which draw inspiration from historical elements and specific local materials, our guests explored how exterior garden spaces can become an extension of the interior space.

The next stop was an Irish Georgian-style residence with a classical walled garden that feels like a private emerald isle. Here, generous green roofs and terraces expand the landscape beyond the first floor of the home, investing the exterior with a quiet yet elegant drama. 

Rounding out the residential properties for the tour, our guests visited a new Modernist residence where stone and iron were used to reference the house and also to balance its scale. In the back gravel garden, free-form plantings meld into the gravel and relax the hard geometry to create a more casual space.


The tour concluded with a tour of the nation’s largest rooftop garden, The Meadow at The Old Chicago Post Office, which is home to over 41,000 plants of more than 50 species, a quarter mile running track, multi-sports court, and two platform tennis courts. Here they discussed the environmental benefits of the urban meadow, which prevents more than a quarter-million gallons of stormwater from becoming polluted runoff and captures more than one million pounds of CO2, decreasing energy consumption as well as the emission of air pollutants and greenhouse gases. 

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