June 11, 2019 - From Chicago to Prague—Hoerr Schaudt traveled to the iconic capital of the Czech Republic for the annual Leaders of Design Council Conference, where Doug Hoerr was honored to be a featured speaker.

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The Leaders of Design Annual Conference seeks to bring together leaders and influencers for an interdisciplinary experience that connects creative minds in new and exciting ways, fulfilling their mission to “elevate and enhance the value of design.” This year’s conference offered a whole host of activities, from stimulating conferences to stunning arts performances.

Doug’s approach to the topic “Leading Bravely” centered around his life experience as a “dark horse,” discussing his unlikely path to success in the face of adversity. Doug’s honest appraisal of the challenges he’s faced reflect an ever-growing societal push to redefine the characteristics of success—creativity over rigidity, inclusiveness over exclusivity, shared humanity over perfection.

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