October 10, 2022 - In addition to the Historic Schoolhouse Garden being named a Landscape Design award winner by the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) Chicago-Midwest Chapter, we are honored to have it recognized as this year’s Award of Arete recipient. This prestigious award was created to uniquely honor a project that exhibits the quality of arete, a Greek word translated as “excellence in fulfillment of purpose or function.” This is the first time a landscape architecture project has won in this category.

Video courtesy of Jonas Vandall - We Make Good Videos & ICAA Chicago-Midwest

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Fulfilling the mandate of Arete “Excellence,” this garden at the Historic Schoolhouse is a gift both to the German Village neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio and its current inhabitants. The jury felt that of all the excellent work being recognized this year, that this project stood out for its excellence at every level and for the overall transformative effect this project was able to achieve.

It occupies what was once a parking lot and simultaneously respects the adjacent street and provides refinement, color, and texture to the public but at the same time provides a welcome private respite for its current inhabitants. The glass roofed porch addition ingeniously placed above the drive ramp and overlooking the central parterre peacefully co-exists with the Historic Schoolhouse. The use of materials are impeccable and of particular note is the paving with its use of large flat stones intermixed with stones set on edge. The plantings are robust and appropriate given the scale of the Historic Schoolhouse. This submission provides a wonderful example of how a well-planned urban garden can provide delight and enrichment to our built environment.

The Acanthus Awards recognize and promote excellence in classical and vernacular design within the Chicago-Midwest region, celebrating achievement in architecture, interior design, preservation & restoration, landscape design, the allied arts & craftsmanship, unbuilt work, and student work.

Thank you to the ICAA Chicago-Midwest for recognizing our firm and hosting a spectacular ceremony this past weekend. And a huge congratulations to our Hoerr Schaudt team and subconsultants who worked on this project!

Project Team:

  • General Contractor: Corna Kokosing
  • Architect: Nau & Bullock Architects
  • Landscape Contractor: Greenscapes Landscape
  • Mason: Indiana Quarry Carvers
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Event photos: Heather Baigelman
Project photos: Scott Shigley

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