February 28, 2020 - Hoerr Schaudt is proud to announce the appointment of five new partners: Carroll Conway, John Evans, Nicholas Fobes, Rob Gray, and Simon Prunty. Each is a long-standing, valued member of the firm, as well as a respected expert and leader in their field.

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From Left: Rob Gray, Doug Hoerr, Nick Fobes, Simon Prunty, John Evans, Carroll Conway

“These individuals are incredibly talented, and have long been guiding the growth and forward momentum of the firm. I’m thrilled to welcome this next tier of leadership as my partners at the firm,” said Douglas Hoerr, founding partner of Hoerr Schaudt.

This appointment comes after a time of expansion for the firm, including new offices in Kansas City and Los Angeles, and the engagement of high profile projects all over the country. The new partners will work alongside Doug to continue Hoerr Schaudt’s growing national presence, and to create the detailed, engaging work the firm is known for.

Carroll Conway oversees both the quality and effectiveness of the firm’s business practices. A nimble, forward-thinker, Carroll works closely with all studios and departments in the firm to ensure Hoerr Schaudt meets its strategic and financial goals while also upholding the company values that have made the firm a leader in the industry. Carroll has been with Hoerr Schaudt for almost two decades, and the initiatives she has implemented during her time have been instrumental in shaping the firm into a nationally-recognized organization.

John Evans, LEED AP is an expert in construction administration, overseeing quality control from pre-construction through implementation. Prior to joining Hoerr Schaudt, he worked for almost 10 years as a landscape contractor, where he managed all aspects of material procurement and construction for some of the firm’s most complex projects. With a strong background in horticulture and experience in the nuances associated with implementing highly detailed landscapes, John oversees all aspects of project construction to ensure designs are implemented to their full potential. Throughout his career, John has cultivated an extensive network of vendors, specialty consultants and contractors and manages these large multidisciplinary teams to ensure they are working towards a unified goal. He has been essential in attending to the detail for which Hoerr Schaudt has become known, and his work includes nearly all of the firm’s award-winning projects.

Nicholas Fobes, PLA, LEED AP is valued for his careful eye and organized planning — an approach that ensures his landscapes get built. After starting at Hoerr Schaudt as a member of the production design staff, Nick quickly came up the ranks and now manages the firm’s most significant projects. His rise has coincided with the growth of the firm, and he’s learned the company’s core values from the bottom up. A natural leader, Nick has helped build teams that can take on any project, from intimate residential gardens to high-profile commercial developments, and deliver them at the highest level. Nick is especially known for his ability to conceptualize the master plan while not losing sight of the details, ensuring each project is designed and executed to its highest potential. This versatility combined with excellent technical skills make Nick emblematic of the firm’s commitment to intuitive, thoughtful design on every scale.

Rob Gray, PLA, LEED AP has provided design and project leadership at Hoerr Schaudt for over ten years and currently manages the firm’s Kansas City office. With experience spanning the fields of planning and landscape architecture, including campus and community planning, streetscape design, healthcare design, public parks, botanical and zoological gardens, theme parks and resorts, Rob’s work has manifested in a wide variety of transformative projects that have shaped communities around the world. An exceptionally adept communicator, Rob is committed to developing solutions that evoke the spirit of a place, resulting in landscapes that immerse the user in enriching and memorable environments.

Simon Prunty, ASLA is known by the firm and his clients for an ability to conceptualize and detail creative, practical solutions to some of the firm’s more challenging design problems, and his guidance has been critical to the success of many of Hoerr Schaudt’s high-profile projects. Simon’s years of collaborations with various architects have provided him with an understanding of varied approaches and styles of design. From this experience, Simon has crafted a versatile, adaptive design approach that responds directly to the needs and opportunities of the site and client.

About Us: Hoerr Schaudt (prn: Hare Shout) is a team of landscape architects, urban designers and horticulturists who create landscapes that engage and inspire — from intimate private gardens to vast public parks. Our dedication to design and devotion to craft create memorable spaces and meaningful experiences.

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