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We are thrilled to announce the acquisition and transformation of a historic 14,000-square-foot industrial building into our new headquarters at 1555 W Fulton Street in Chicago.

March 20, 2024 – Founded on the principles of timeless design, horticultural expertise, and dedication to excellence through a full-service approach, our journey takes a monumental leap by establishing our custom-designed office space. Within its walls, we have crafted open and collaborative havens for our Design and Siteworks studios, providing breakout areas for meetings, private phone call booths for focused discussions, a large kitchen gathering space, and a blossoming courtyard, receiving the distinct Hoerr Schaudt touch with new trees and plantings.

Embracing the mantra that ‘the most sustainable building is one that’s already built,’ the adaptive reuse project champions the ethos of minimizing environmental impact. Key strategies encompassed repurposing the existing brick walls, steel beams, and exterior steel doors, alongside the preservation of concrete floors diverting debris from landfills. Natural light is optimized through skylights and preserved glass block windows, while energy efficiency is prioritized with LED lighting and smart controls. Additionally, the establishment of an interior courtyard not only enhances the space but also results in a 10% reduction of impervious surfaces.

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We’re proud of the details that went into the design, underscoring our dedication to creating an inspiring office and doing so with a mindful consideration for the planet. Beyond showcasing innovation and craftsmanship, the building signifies a profound milestone in our rich legacy.

“Our roots run deep in Chicago, and now, owning our ‘home’ symbolizes a commitment to our craft, team, and clients,” says President Carroll Conway. “It’s not just an office; it’s a testament to our history, milestones, and artistry that defines Hoerr Schaudt. The move into our new building is a strategic step to celebrate and support our recent growth while providing a foundation for the future of Hoerr Schaudt. We’re beyond excited to do so in the burgeoning Fulton Market neighborhood!”

As Hoerr Schaudt steps into this new chapter, we continue to lead the industry, securing groundbreaking projects and earning recognition for our award-winning work. Recent successes include winning competitive bids for notable projects such as the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Exploration Place in Wichita, the Arboretum at Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy in New York, as well as private residential gardens across the country. These internal and external successes solidify Hoerr Schaudt’s position as a leader in the field and reflect the growth of our team, dedicated to supporting and enhancing these impactful endeavors.

This move marks more than just a change of address; it signifies a bold declaration of Hoerr Schaudt’s commitment to excellence, the enduring beauty of purposeful landscapes, and an exciting chapter ahead!

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