April 15, 2024 - Our visionary founder, Doug Hoerr, was featured in a recent article for House Beautiful magazine's 2024 Top Garden Trends for 2024, According to Experts.

Article Highlight:

Just like interior design, gardening is subject to a trend cycle. However, rather than shift with the years, gardening trends tend to follow the seasons and growing cycles. Maximalist gardens and structured hedges are no longer the "it" element of a trendy garden, but what is? We've tapped a handful of landscape and lawn professionals to provide their insight into the garden trends for this growing season.

3. Experience Gardens

"Our garden spaces became far more important during the pandemic, and people don’t just want to admire a beautiful garden but to truly experience it as well," Doug Hoerr, co-founder of landscape architecture firm Hoerr Schaudt, says of the rise in requests for "experience gardens."

"This can be an herb-cutting garden placed close to their outdoor kitchen, beekeeping, or creating a landscape with a larger variety of garden rooms to satisfy the interests of the family and give them an outdoor space they can experience and enjoy on multiple levels.”

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