June 22, 2024 - Hoerr Schaudt's work on residential green roofs was featured in a recent digital article from House Beaituful. The article sfeatures quotes from partner Nick Fobes, as he explains why green roofs are beneficial for not only the environment but also your energy bills.

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Highlights from the article:

Green roofs turn an outdoor space into a sustainable environmental solution that’s practical and beautiful. Essentially, a green roof is just what it sounds like: a vegetative layer grown on a rooftop. That description might make you picture something out of The Hobbit, but we’re not just talking about turf houses; raised garden beds and planters can turn any flat roof or small balcony into a green roof. You might think of them as features of hotels, office buildings, and other commercial spaces, but your home can have one too.

Over the past two decades, green roofs become increasingly popular, especially in cities. “From a sustainability standpoint, it offers heating and cooling benefits,” Nick Fobes, partner at Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects, says. “But it’s also a green space to go enjoy nature and have a respite from the cityscape of buildings and concrete.”

What Is a Green Roof?

A green roof has several components. Typically, a green roof involves a barrier to prevent water damage to the structure, a drainage system, filter cloth, lightweight growing medium, and plants. On a small scale, it could be a layer of vegetation growing on the rooftop. On a grander scale, it could be a park complete with trees.

One amazing example of a large green roof project is the transformation of the iconic Old Chicago Post Office. This Art Deco building, constructed in 1921, sat in decline for 50 years. The Hoerr Schaudt landscape design team transformed its rooftop into a full-scale park, with one and a half acres of meadows, using more than 40,000 plants. It’s now a mixed-use office hub with a stunning green roof design that echoes the building’s Art Deco style.

Go to https://www.housebeautiful.com/lifestyle/gardening/a61121389/what-are-green-roofs-explained/ to check out the full article!

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