June 26, 2023 - Earlier this month, our team spent two days refreshing Milford Public Library’s landscape in Doug Hoerr’s hometown of Milford, Indiana. Doug designed the original garden plan in 1995 in honor of his mother, Marguerite, a lifelong avid reader who assisted with the Milford Public Library in her retirement. The dedicated garden celebrates Doug’s mom, hometown, and gives back to the community that was nurtured by the library.

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The update replaced old, weak shrubs with new plants. Ornamental trees nearing the end of their lifespan were replaced, ground planting was reestablished with new perennials and ground covers in larger masses.

Much of the existing plantings brought for the project were used. Anything left over was made available to the community to be put in their personal gardens.

Doug noted, “we will adjust the plantings in the field to accomplish the best design vision, incorporating existing plant material that is still looking its best with new. While the Hoerr Schaudt team focuses on design vision, Mariani will execute impeccable construction installation.

This is a labor of love and pride for our grandmother and the hometown library that nurtured so many of us who were raised in Milford. I personally attended kindergarten in the basement of this library.”

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