April 4, 2023 - As part of the 22nd annual Palladio Awards, Traditional Building Magazine has recognized 14 firms for outstanding work in traditional design. Hoerr Schaudt's New England Farm project was named this year's winner in the Gardens & Landscapes category.

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Founded in 2002, the annual Palladio Awards honor outstanding achievement in traditional design. The event recognizes both individual designers and design teams whose work enhances the beauty and humane qualities of the built environment. Through creative interpretation or adaptation of design principles, we celebrate techniques developed through 2,500 years of Western architectural tradition.

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About the Project

Spanning sixty acres on the coast of Rhode Island, the clients of this New England farm were looking for a comprehensive landscape that would take their disjointed property and make it cohesive, regionally-specific, and most importantly, comfortable.

Lovers of both nature as well as New England tradition, the clients delighted in greenery, clean palettes, and sweeping views, and welcomed the prospect of these plant materials uniting the property’s various buildings and amenities, all of which seemed randomly scattered among the open fields.

The goal, as articulated by Doug Hoerr, was to enhance the beauty already present by creating a sense of progression, scale, and discovery. The design team performed a thorough edit of the property, consolidating the vast landscape into a connective structure with discreet surprises around every corner.

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New England Farm 08 gravel garden
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