On Tuesday, July 2, 2019, Imagine Iowa Great Lakes held a ribbon cutting to celebrate the opening of the renovated promenade for Arnolds Park, a historic amusement park in Arnolds Park, Iowa. Hoerr Schaudt is honored to be part of the team transforming the promenade in the Preservation Plaza, the first phase in a larger project to beautify and enhance areas within Okoboji, Iowa.

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The renovation of the promenade included extensive landscaping and planting, as well as programmable LED lighting on several arches for special events. The promenade is one of the final projects to be completed in Arnolds park, which underwent a $15 million dollar renovation since 2017.

Arnolds Park is an important cultural and historic site for Okoboji. John Franken, Chairman of Imagine Iowa Great Lakes, explained:

“The sole purpose of Imagine Great Lakes is to beautify public areas. And the key thing is that this is a public area as is Historic Arnolds Park. We want to make sure that future generations can continue to be able to use the beaches, use the docks, use these beautiful facilities.”
Hoerr Schaudt is excited to be part of this important project, along with McClure Engineering, Steffes Companies, Beck Engineering, West Plains Engineering, and JTH Lighting Alliance.

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