Set in Chicago’s Lincoln Park Neighborhood, this classical walled garden feels more like a private emerald isle. The architecture and landscape were developed together to reinforce interior vistas and establish a series of rooms (inside and out) throughout the site. Generous green roofs and terraces expand the landscape experience beyond the first floor of the home, investing the exterior with a quiet yet elegant drama.

2 streetview obrien hoerrschaudt
3 zigzaghedge obrien hoerrschaudt
4 narrowpath obrien hoerrschaudt
5 A before obrien hoerrschaudt


5 B fountainlinedupwithhome obrien hoerrschaudt


Cleverly shielded views, like the lofty hawthorn hedge upon the rear terrace or the trees grown in containers atop the alleyway garage, provide a secluded space for outdoor recreation, entertaining, and repose for the homeowners, while also creating an air of expectation within the perfectly aligned spaces. Spanning four lots, the landscape is infused with decorum and whimsy – much in line with the Irish Georgian architecture of the home.

6 outdoorseating obrien hoerrschaudt
7 outdoorfireplace obrien hoerrschaudt
8 stonesteps obrien hoerrschaudt
9 interiorview obrien hoerrschaudt

Veranda Award 2020

Chicago Institute of Classical Architecture and Art Acanthus Award 2019