Situated on an agrarian site, overlooking hayfields with views to the nearby Sekonnet River, this country retreat is immersed in the land’s goodness, creating a seamless indoor/outdoor living experience for the owners.

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Hoerr Schaudt was engaged to enhance the fluidity of home life – taking the comfort and peace of the indoors and extending it outwards. The redesigned terrace is where this idea is most exemplified. An existing terrace sat on a stone plinth that elevated the area above its adjacent hay field. As our team redesigned this space, creating a variety of outdoor rooms for dining and lounging, we played up this elevation, intending for the homeowners to go from a highly designed and programmed space to unrestrained farmland the moment they step off the plinth.

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Stone walls enclosing the home were extended and gates were added along the terrace. 35-foot beech trees were repurposed, taken from one area on the site and moved to the entry sequence as well as extending a native stone wall and walkway welcoming the outside in. A pergola was added to connect the home to the adjacent guest house, helping to establish an entry court to further reinforce the site’s welcome nature.

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Our team also designed an orchard and vegetable garden, enabling the owners to be as dependent on the land as they wish.

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