The Whitcomb Art Center creates a dynamic new home for the Knox College Art and Art History programs. Located at the northeastern edge of campus, the building creates a new campus gateway and strengthens the connection to downtown Galesburg. The industrial aesthetic reflects the character of the local neighborhood and is harmonious with the messy, creative art projects created within.

Lake Flato Knox Whitcomb 005

In collaboration with Lake Flato Architects, San Antonio, Hoerr Schaudt created a sustainable landscape design that reflects the values of the student body. The central courtyard provides a welcoming, flexible space for student gathering, events, and art exhibitions.

Lake Flato Knox Whitcomb 011
Lake Flato Knox Whitcomb 008

Surrounding the courtyard are a series of bioswales with native planting, which naturally filters stormwater on site. To the south, a prairie landscape provides a natural setting and seasonal backdrop to the art studios. A “Painter’s Porch” provides an outdoor classroom space for instruction and student activities.

Lake Flato Knox Whitcomb 006