An old farmhouse in the middle of a 25-acre field, this Michigan home never seemed like it belonged. The clients relished the opportunity to raise their two daughters on a farm, but wanted designated spaces for their family to recreate.

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When Hoerr Schaudt was hired, our goal was to provide as much function as possible from this vastness, a task that included breaking the landscape up into different sections. Because we wanted programmable outdoor space for the family, our team carved into the natural sloping rear yard, and created a level zone conducive to a pool, play lawn, and play set. We then added a row of trees for shade.

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With an allegiance to the site and region, native materials, such as pea gravel and concrete cast were used. A wildflower meadow, in addition to fruit trees and a vegetable garden were designed to create whimsy and foster a tangible way for the clients to connect to the land.

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The site is orthogonal and axial, making it appear very disciplined, just as one would expect a farm to be. Reinforcing this order is the relocated front entrance road, now situated so it looks down the portico, creating an explicitly grand introduction to the modern farmhouse.

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