Surrounded by almost one-hundred acres of natural beauty, this modern mountain home has unparalleled views, overlooking Aspen and Buttermilk Mountain.

3 pool yard metz coloradoranch hoerrschaudt

Involved early on in the process, Hoerr Schaudt worked with the architect and client to select the site for the home. Working with a number of borrowed views, our team was able to manipulate the landscape to visually conceal the neighboring properties, creating the illusion that the clients owned the entire valley.

4 A before metz coloradoranch hoerrschaudt
4 B after metz coloradoranch hoerrschaudt

Because of the site’s natural splendor, our design was somewhat restrained so as not to detract from the surrounding scene. As a result, the design is less about an abundance of plants and species and more about composition, our design team selectively choosing native plants to not only reduce the amount of maintenance and irrigation required, but to create a simple design palette that complements the terrain.

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Echoing the gesture of the mountains while respecting the wildness of the valley, the landscape of this site-specific home is at once boundless and distinct.

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