The River Oaks District is a new, mixed-use development situated in an upscale neighborhood of Houston. The project was designed to offer the community a variety of retail, dining, and living options within a walkable, human-scaled urban setting.

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In order to distinguish the River Oaks District, the developer sought to utilize an elevated public realm, and engaged Hoerr Schaudt to lead the plaza and streetscape design for the site. With a concept dictated by a elegant aesthetic that would complement the modern architecture of the site, the design of the streetscape was envisioned with distinctive and welcoming landscape elements that would establish the development as a sophisticated, verdant destination within the city.

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In designing the landscape, Hoerr Schaudt developed 12 unique planting palettes for the street plantings to create an ever-changing environment, ensuring there never be a dull moment for visitors walking along the sidewalk. Deriving inspiration from Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, plant types were massed together into large blocks that formed interlocking geometric planes. Bold contrasts in color, a playful mix of plant textures, and a variety in height create a garden-like experience, immersing passers-by in a horticultural painting.

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To complement the dynamic streetscapes and public spaces within the development, Hoerr Schaudt designed over 3.5 acres of outdoor amenity terraces above the project to support the residential towers. These verdant rooftops included a swimming pool, an outdoor kitchen, entertaining spaces, and firepits that create a resort-like feeling for the residents of the community. Similar in palette to the rest of the project, the roof terraces include interlocking planes defined by monocultures of planting, bosques of trees, and cool grey and blue paving.

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