Built for a client who loved to walk her gardens, a newly united landscape offers an array of different encounters. From Kyoto-inspired front gardens to rolling swales of meadows, this special Rhode Island landscape was transformed into a series of garden rooms designed to satisfy the wanderlust of the explorer, the stillness of the poet.

One of the most changed areas of the property is the front garden, which was converted from a simple walkway to a complex, layered courtyard of Japanese influence. Utilizing existing conifers and impeccably crafted masonry, this front garden is truly a new jewel in the client’s home. With corresponding accents to match the Michigan-style of the home, Hoerr Schaudt married this beautiful new garden to its surroundings.

Continuing throughout the property, an expanded perennial garden coaxes birds and butterflies onto the property, and a renovated potting shed improves views from the bedroom and study. Towards the coast, the landscape takes another turn into a dwarf conifer garden at the cusp of boulder-dotted stream. Several of the dwarf conifers were cherished possessions of the clients, collected over time. Hoerr Schaudt gave them a proper setting, expanding upon the garden and adding specimens from all over the Midwest and East Coast.

At the edges of the dwarf conifer garden, the adjacent meadow cascades over the boulders for an effortless transition, expanding into a curved swale of artfully mown and unmown portions. The planted seasonal bulb added a multitude of textures and colors for varied interest all season long, further attracting wildlife to the property.