The Tiffany & Co. Foundation Celebration Garden is at once ceremonious and intimate, romantic and pragmatic, transforming Grant Park’s south rose garden into a majestic space ripe for weddings, luncheons, and the occasional solitary jaunt.

Designed to create an exhilarating yet comfortable relationship between the viewer and the city’s skyline, the 30,000-square-foot garden highlights views of the city’s most beloved treasures: Buckingham Fountain, Lake Michigan, and the stunning Museum Campus.

A stroll down the central promenade surrounds visitors with nearly 7,000 blooming annuals and perennials, shaped evergreens, ornamental trees, cascading vines, and flowering shrubs providing a year-round garden experience. In spring, visitors are immersed in billowing blooms from ornamental crabapple trees. Summer brides have their pick of roses, lilies, hydrangeas, and phlox to pose against; and when snow spotlights the magical ensemble of evergreen box, arborvitae, and yews, it is a moment for living architecture to shine.



A compass of sorts, the garden has an orienting effect. According to Doug Hoerr, “when you stand in the garden, you know exactly where you are in the world.”

ILCA Gold Award 2010