Although this modern home is located in the city, the owners wanted a landscape that felt naturalistic. Building their entire home around two large oaks, they prioritized nature, and wanted their home to similarly accentuate the surrounding environment rather than detract from it.

2 A before landscapingbenrubi hoerrschaudt


2 B entryway treebenrubi hoerrschaudt


Hoerr Schaudt was responsible for the front entry, rear garden, dining area, terraces, and rooftop garden. Basing our design on a celebration of both nature and modernity, the landscape for this property is intended to be omnipresent – seen anywhere from inside the glass home, from the living area to the dining room to the kitchen and through the bedrooms. No matter where one is in the house, a green space is visible, with the lush forest understory of the ground level courtyard consistently drawing the eye and mind back to a place far outside the confines of urban Chicago.

3 outdoor dinning eveningbenrubi hoerrschaudt

One of our team’s favorite elements is the breezeway – visible from the second floor terrace – infused with alliums and blue stone chips, an organic camouflage pattern that does anything but blend in.

4 A grassy balconybenrubi hoerrschaudt
8 B tall plantsbenrubi hoerrschaudt
5 view of gardenbenrubi hoerrschaudt

On the rear terrace, a very simple yet stately Carpinus hedge sits just beside a large flowering Yellowwood, the ornamental deciduous tree concealing the Chicago alleyway just steps away.

7 seating plantsbenrubi hoerrschaudt
8 A balcony greenerybenrubi hoerrschaudt
8 B tree lightingbenrubi hoerrschaudt
9 tall grassesbenrubi hoerrschaudt