The scale of this midwestern estate called for a landscape that imparted an established elegance. Mature plantings humanize the vastness of the estate and artfully knit the property into its surroundings. In the tradition of great homes, an axis runs from the entrance to the back of the property, creating a sensation of anticipation as more views are revealed.

2 beforeplan brauer hoerrschaudt


2 B afterplan arial brauer hoerrschaudt


3 gardenpath brauer hoerrschaudt

Immediately upon entry, the site is imbued with a sense of discovery. Shaded views hide the home from view, until suddenly the landscape opens to an expanse of lawn and light, and the stately Georgian “house atop a hill” is revealed.

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The main floor of the home overlooks an elegant pool terrace and formal lawn surrounded by lush perennial gardens, and beyond a woodland edge and hillside are ignited with ephemeral color. A richly layered border screens, filters and frames views outside the property. At the base of the hillside, the landscape transforms into a beautiful lattice garden room for the family vegetable, herb, and cutting garden, with a fruit orchard blossoming across the way.

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Throughout the woodland edge and hillside, the bones of the landscape create a layered vision with four season interest, adding depth and mystery. Ephemeral color ignites the landscape spring through fall, animating the landscaped backdrop. The richly layered border screens, filters and frames views outside the property.

6 gardencottage brauer hoerrschaudt

At the base of the hillside, a stone bridge crosses a stream and conifer garden, inviting further exploration. Once on the other side, a beautifully contained lattice garden room for the family vegetable, herb and cutting garden is revealed, bookended by a gardener’s shed. A fruit orchard blossoms across the way, the perfect play area for children to wander and hand-pick fruit. The family garden was especially important to the clients, who wanted to pass along the importance of growing one’s own harvest—a skill they learned from their own grandparents—to their children. This space creates the opportunity for the children to experience the personal act of harvesting their own food, bringing the idea of “farm to table” into the client’s own family dining room.

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Woven into the site topography, three bio retention basins receive surface stormwater from adjacent properties, capturing water and then releasing it into the gravel lined drainage swale, making this property just as sustainable as it is beautiful.

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Luxe RED Award Winner 2022

ASLA Central States Award 2020

NALP Award of Excellence 2020

PGASLA Merit Award 2020