Director of Sales, Summerfield Trading - Chicago

Summerfield Trading LLC, a Plant Brokerage Firm and subsidiary of Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects, was created in 2016 to provide Hoerr Schaudt (HS) clients improved plant selection and efficiency of procurement through our vast network of growers and collectors. The company has
seen growth and success since its beginnings.

In 2024, Summerfield Trading will expand beyond its internal clients to begin providing the same exceptional service and quality plant material to customers beyond Hoerr Schaudt’s customer base. This customer base will include landscape architects, landscape contractors, private estates, golf courses, etc.

  • Our experience and understanding of industry standards, quality assurance and the importance of plant character will elevate the overall selection of plant materials for Summerfield’s client base. We will ensure that our clients’ plants are curated with intention and intelligence.
  • Procuring plants for one’s landscape through Summerfield Trading will ensure that the highest standards are met throughout the entire process, and that logistics associated with all deliveries are coordinated with the utmost care and attention.
  • Sales and marketing will be centered around project-by-project promotion of Summerfield Trading goods by Summerfield staff.

Role: As Director of Sales this person will lead the team and set the roadmap for the growth of this company. They will collaborate with the team to set budgets for both revenue and expenses related to all sales. They will help set and be accountable to KPI’s. They will monitor trends in the industry and ensure Summerfield is positioned to capitalize on those trends.

This position is not remote and is based in Chicago.

Responsibilities Include:

  1. Lead product, sales, support, and business development with a focus on the horticultural niche of Summerfield.
  2. Identify sales goals, develop sales and marketing strategies, and perform necessary efforts to meet those goals. Prepare for, negotiate, and close major deals.
  3. Monitor competitor products, sales, and marketing activities.
  4. Establish and maintain consistent image throughout all product lines, promotional materials, and events.
  5. Represent Summerfield at trade association meetings to promote product.
  6. Prepare periodic sales report showing sales volume, potential sales, and areas of proposed client base expansion.
  7. Review and analyze sales performances against programs, quotes, and plans to determine effectiveness.
  8. Establish and maintain relationships with industry influencers and key strategic partners.
  9. Execute the business plan to achieve the vision set by the Summerfield Manager and Executive Team.
  10. Lead outcomes through clarity, communication, and consistency with a focus on removing obstacles and barriers.
  11. Educate and support the team around their responsibilities for growth and profitability. Provide coaching for improved team performance, as necessary.
  12. Train and lead team members – work with HR (Human Resources) on hiring/onboarding. Assist in the creation of company roles and job descriptions based on clear performance metrics. Assist in developing appropriate scorecards and metrics for sales roles.
  13. Collaborate with executive team to identify opportunities to expand customer base.
  14. Identify new opportunities, product lines and vendors to increase offerings and further support clients’ needs.
  15. Drive P&L Results – staying on forecast and driving profitability.
  16. Provide the cadence, voice, and face for Summerfield Sales. Be the Point Person for goals and execution with all clients.
  17. Assist team with refining all processes and systems, including efficiencies, workflows, and documentation.


  1. Leadership and sales experience in landscape industry and/or at a nursery or horticultural re-wholesale business. Sales experience building and leading high-performance teams.
  2. Experience in horticulture, and knowledge of plant materials in Zones 3-7.
  3. Knowledge of and experience with specifying plant material for best performance in specific site conditions.
  4. Experience sourcing and buying plant material.
  5. Experience in creating and building processes in a growing organization - isn’t afraid to get involved in the details.
  6. Previous P&L management and experience developing and executing a business plan.
  7. A passion for seeing possibilities and creating opportunities.
  8. A love of the horticultural industry.

For this role/position, you have the full support of the executive team and partners.

  • We believe in and promote a collaborative environment where all can contribute and thrive.
  • There are no roadblocks or ceilings – endless opportunities.
  • We have and maintain mutual respect.
  • We embrace a learning environment.
  • Everyone is accountable in our performance-based culture.
  • We are a TEAM.
  • We recognize and celebrate success – YOUR success is OUR success!